Product image of Energy-saving 24-inch BLDC Industrial Fan

Energy-saving 24-inch BLDC Industrial Fan

  • We have invented the first industrial fan in the world with BLDC motor and built-in driver that incorporates aluminum blades and a simple, yet beautiful design. With an infinitely variable speed dial, you can adjust the wind flow to meet your needs while keeping energy consumption very low. Yen Power fans are certified by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, MOEA in Taiwan and are also EMC/EMI compliant. Users may choose the natural wind mode by pressing a single bottom, and there are intermittent wind flows simulating natural wind. The DC inverter design ensures a silent and low-temperature motor with energy costs of only 0.1 USD for 24 hours of operation.
  • The maximum air volume is 667 cubic meters per minute and the maximum Wind speed is 9.6 meters per second.
  • Yen Power designs every precision component with care and makes subtle adjustments in order to make its products close to perfect. All these efforts stem from Yen Power's unshakeable perseverance since 1976.


  • The machine adopts a DC inverter motor, which will reduce your energy consumption by more than 70% compared to conventional fans. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  • The one and only 24-inch fan that has passed the MOEA and Energy Label inspections in Taiwan.
  • The unique aluminum alloy blades are painted with powder paint. The fan's safety guard incorporates 192 steel wires, making it an extremely safe product.
  • It is the first industrial fan that comes with a natural wind mode. The smart design provides a natural cooling effect that reduces energy consumption.
  • Low temperature: the fan always maintains a very low temperature which is important for the motor's lifespan. You will experience a significant drop in temperature in your facility as soon as you start using our product.
  • Energy-efficient: energy-efficiency is an integral part of the design. This 24-inch fan consumes only 30W (at 600 RPM). If used in natural wind mode a continuous 24h operation equals just about 5 TWD (~ 0.16 USD) in electricity fees (in Taiwan).
  • Low speed: suitable for indoor air circulation. The infinitely variable speed dial lets you set speed between 600 to 1200RPM.
  • Longer lifespan: The fan design integrates microcomputer controls with a patented enclosed motor design, which simplifies the overall structure and prevents dust and moisture from contaminating the motor parts. As a result, the lifespan of the fan is much longer than comparable products.
  • High-tech: The fan integrates a high-tech synchronous DC servo BLDC motor with microcomputer driven controls. This integration delivers great safety as well as convenience.
  • Low noise: the induction motor does not emit any low-frequency noise. It can even serve as a daily home appliance, for example in a living room.
  • Modern style: The synchronous servo BLDC motor incorporates a hexagonal-shaped design. No matter where it is being used, at home, in a factory, in the office, or even in restaurants, it always looks good.
  • High rigidity: the square tube base provides solid support, ensuring great structural support.
  • Maximum safety: This product is the only 24-inch fan that has passed the MOEA and Energy Label inspections in Taiwan. An array of functions ensure the human safety: abnormal voltage detection, overheating detection, automatic blade stop function, emergency shut-off, a guard with 192 fan wires, powder-painted aluminum fan, rigid square tubes, and anti-slip rubber feet.
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