CM-24 Beveling Machine

  • The CM-24R Beveling Machine comes with an AC induction motor which offers longer durability, low noise, and high torque. The milling angle is adjustable from 0° to 60° with a maximum cutting width of 23mm. The zero degrees setting is perfect for facing off operations.
  • The two-in-one base plate design allows both standard beveling and pipe beveling ranging from 150mm to 350mm. The switch between the two modes is fast and easy: all it takes is adjusting the rollers. (There is also an optional base plate for beveling larger diameter pipes from 300mm up to 600mm). It is very handy, compact and robust, and the design allows for easy handling and convenient operation.

Adjustable angles


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Model CM-24R
Input voltage 110~120V~50~60Hz,220~240V~50~60Hz
Ampere 110V:14A,220V:7A
Output (hp) 1,100W
RPM 60Hz:3,450rpm,50Hz:2,860rpm
Chamfering capability 60° 6.5mm
45° 11.5mm
37.5° 9.5mm
30° 7mm
15° 3mm
Disposable tools 12Pcs
Weight 19.3Kg

Standard Accessories

  • Tool holder
  • Hex. Wrench M8
  • M 32 Combination Wrench
  • Wrench 22mm
  • Carbide Insert 12 Pcs
  • Hex wrench M3
  • Wrench 27mm X 24mm

Chamfering examples

Chamfering angles and depth adjustment

0 degree chamfering

Processed surface of 0 degree chamfering

Round tube chamfering

Round tube chamfering

Processed surface of round tube chamfering

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