Product image of CM-6 Bench Top Chamfering Machine

CM-6 Bench Top Chamfering Machine

  • We have developed the first bench top chamfering machine designed with flat guide plates. Unlike traditional guide plates with fasteners, the design of a flat guide plate prevents scratches on workpieces during machining.
    Moreover, this machine meets the highest safety standards and can operate well under extreme conditions as well as during long-term operation, delivering high torque, efficient cutting, and high-speed machining with low temperature generation.
  • The operator can effortlessly adjust the feeding speed according to the material hardness. This function is very useful for customers who perform both small-volume and mass production operations.
  • New technology: we have developed whole new motor models for chamfering machines which are equipped with fixture objects in the inner and outer surfaces of the bearing area. This design allows for better stability and prevents displacement issues. Optional R angle tools are available.
  • We design every precision component with care and makes subtle adjustments based on our profound experience in this market. All these efforts stem from Yen Power's unshakeable perseverance since 1976.


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Input voltage 110~120V~50~60Hz,220~240V~50~60Hz
Ampere 110V:14A,220V:7A
Output (hp) 1,100W
Rotational speed 60Hz:3,450rpm,50Hz:2,860rpm
Chamfering capacity ≤ 7C
Chamfering capacity (Side Width) ≤ 10mm(at 45°)
Chamfering angle 15°,30°,45°
Disposable tools/ blades 5Pcs
Weight 46.5Kg
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