Yen Power has been designing and manufacturing brushless DC motors since 1976.

With a professional attitude, Yen Power designs every precision component carefully and continues to make subtle adjustments in order to approach perfection. The company has profound experience in machinery R&D as well as mass production. Yen Power's product portfolio includes band saws, mixers, drilling machines, range hoods, industrial fans, chamfering machines, industrial pumps, and air pressure Machines.

The growing awareness of environmental issues has increased the demand for energy-saving low-carbon technologies. The machinery industry has upgraded its motor efficiency standard from IE2 to IE4. We have used our R&D capabilities to develop a series of IEC standard BLDC motors that meet or exceed new environmental standards and safety protocols.

Yen Power has developed a series of IEC brushless DC motors (BLDC) based on its own technologies.

The in-house R&D team promises agile response times and reasonable costs; this spirit helps Yen Power develop custom BLDC products for customers with different requirements in a more convenient way compared with its competitors.

IEC Series Brushless DC Motors (BLDC)

  • Meeting your demands

    Low RPM, High torque, space-saving, easy installation, high flexibility, low cost, high efficiency
  • Thinking out of the box

    Yen Power's motors are equipped with efficient drivers. The design is in line with IEC dimension standards. Yen Power's motors are able to overcome the shortcomings of conventional induction motors and inverters.

In Use

BLDC motors allow for quick adjustment to always maintain the optimal processing speed according to the loading. This feature makes our products suitable for a wide range of customers including small volume processing and mass production orders.


We have developed a new multi-functional driver that offers a wide range of functionalities as well as flexible settings. Besides, we also offer a wide range of optional accessories for our customers.


We have developed a number of competitive products based on our excellent motor technology. Those products include servo chamfering machines, servo drilling, and tapping machines, and DC inverter fans. We hope that in the future we can extend our activities as an OEM and ODM supplier for small-sized portable and desktop machines.

All Yen Power motors and other products meet the most rigid certification standards.

Patents & Certificates

Located in Taiwan & Shenzhen

We work actively to further increase the number of international orders of our BLDC motors. We are always looking for outstanding talents, suppliers, agents & dealers, and of course customers. We welcome you to join our family and tackle the big market of IEC BLDC motors together.

International Distributors :

We believe that positive customer experiences are the best advocate for the quality of our products.

Industrial masterpieces originate from human experience. The user's point of view marks the starting point for any innovative design. Every generation has signature masterpieces that not only replace the old but also create a legend of their own.

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