We have invented the first drilling and tapping machine in the world that adopts a synchronous built-in servo motor spindle. The machine design does not use any belts or gearboxes. Operators can adjust the speed by rotating an infinitely variable speed dial.

Easy application: the operator can easily adjust the processing speed according to different materials or drill sizes.

New technology: we have developed a new CE certified multi-functional driver that offers a wide range of functionalities as well as flexible settings. During machine operation, the machine can instantly switch between drilling and tapping mode.

Safe design: we have obtained the latest CE safety certificates, which include a double circuit safety design and an instant shut down function. Moreover, the machines have leakage protection and a safety guard.

Our servo motor is designed with synchronous processing capabilities, low RPM, high torque, high efficiency, and low heat generation. This design increases 20% productivity and prolongs the lifespan of drilling and tapping tools for 20% as well. 

Moreover, with these advantages, the energy consumption is also reduced for over 70%.

Yen Power servo motors are ideal for machining applications and are very safe even if they are used under extreme conditions as well as during long-term operation. They meet customers’requirements for both, small volume manufacture and mass production. Operators can set the drilling and tapping depth very quickly via the control interface.

The machine can perform chamfering operations at an extremely slow speed, which prolongs the lifespan of your chamfering tools. We also offer many optional accessories to our customers.

Drilling and Tapping Machines