Product image of Energy-saving 24-inch BLDC Industrial Fan

Energy-saving 24-inch BLDC Industrial Fan

  • Calculated by USD0.3 per unit electricity charge: A general induction motor consumes 400W while the BLDC Motor consumes only 175W; it saves 225W with electricity-saving of 56% annually which is an equivalent of USD 590.
  • However, when a BLDC Motor is joined by Natural Wind Function, the electricity consumption shall be reduced to merely 120W: A general induction motor consumes 400W while the Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor consumes only 120W; it saves 280W with electricity-saving of 70% annually which is and equivalent of USD 735


  • Ultra Electricity-Saving: 24 inches Industrial Fan(500rpm) consume the electricity only by 30W; and the Natural Wind Mode will have the highest effect of electricity-saving up to 70%.
  • Ultra Low Speed: Can be step-less speed adjustment with a range of 600~1100rpm.
  • Ultra Low Temperature: Motor will not turn hot and will immediately perceive the cooling effect and solve the stuffy issue.
  • Ultra Intelligence: The first industrial Fan with computer automatically simulation of Natural Wind in the world. Every wind can be appreciated for “Peaceful mind makes natural wing”.
  • Hyper Quiet: Without drone and abnormal sound of induction motor, can be used in the living room.
  • Ultra Longevity: With patented combination mode of microcomputer-control and total sealed motor, it has not only the simplified-structure but also will avoid dusts, moistures, and other threatening adverse environments, as well as extremely durable for use and ultra using longevity.
  • Ultra Security: Can execute the debugging of abnormal voltage, over temperature, and foreign object entering and the power source will be immediately shot-down. It has ultra-dense wind shielding security-plus, ultra-rigid durability of square tubing without foot-softening to assure the supporting.
  • Ultra-high Technology: Enjoy securities and conveniences of high-tech Synchronous Servo DC BLDC Motor which is coupled with the microcomputer driving control.
  • Ultra Styling: It is coupled with the hexagonal appearance of Synchronous Servo DC BLDC Motor which can display respectable and elegant appearance no matter in living house or factory, office or dining room.
  • Ultra Reasonable Price: By very low and reasonable price, a most valuable electric fan can be owned then.
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