Product image of CM-10R Servo Chamfering Machine

CM-10R Servo Chamfering Machine

  • Yen Power has developed the world's first chamfering machines that adopt a synchronous servo motor technology. This machine can adjust processing speed according to the hardness of the workpiece material. This machine allows operators to adjust the machining speed according to the hardness of materials. Moreover, this machine can operate well under extreme conditions as well as during long-term operation, delivering, high torque, efficient cutting, and high-speed machining with low temperature generation.
  • Convenient application: Operators will find the machine's multiple handles very practical, as they grant great convenience to users with different working habits. The machine combines the lightness of a portable model with the stability of a fixed chamfering machine.
  • Innovative Technology: we have developed innovative disposable cutting blades. We also offer R-shaped blades that for highly accurate chamfering. Yen Power designs every component with care and continues to make adjustments based on its profound experiences in the industry. All these efforts stem from Yen power's unshakeable perseverance since 1976.


  • Yen Power's patented chamfering machine offers a 2-in-1 functionality. The machine can serve as a portable or as a desktop chamfering machine and it only takes seconds to change the mode of operation.
  • The rotation speed of the synchronous servo motor can be adjusted from 2,000 RPM to 6,000 RPM with an infinitely variable speed dial. The motor is designed with an automatic compensation mechanism that ensures smoother surface chamfering. If you have to work with different materials or chamfering angles, you can easily modify the motor speed to ensure a smooth machining process.
  • The multi-handle design caters towards different working habits, which allows onsite operators to chamfer in various angles and positions with ease.
  • The BLDC motor has an overheating protection: if the machine reaches 105 degree Celsius it automatically shuts off.
  • The front bearing is a Japanese 5205ZZ (Double Row Angular Bearings). The adoption of 5205ZZ rather than two conventional 6205ZZ bearings is superior, resulting in better concentricity and higher loading capacity for heavy chamfering duties.
  • Three newly added ball guide pins allow for quick adjustment of the contact area and the bevel depth.
  • Chamfering capacity: Front width 0-7C, side width: <10mm at 45°; R3 and R5 blades available
  • Three cutting angles for guide plates at 15°, 30°, and 45°


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Power Input 110-120V~50-60Hz,220-240V~50-60Hz
Amp 10A
Servo motor input DC310V
Output 728W
Speed 2,000~6,000 rpm
Chamfering capacity ≤ 7C
Chamfering capacity (Side Width) ≤ 10 mm ( at 45° )
Chamfering Angle 15°,30°,45°
Carbide insert blade 5Pcs
Weight 8.8kg
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Patent Certificate

Motor with Built-in Driver (Patent registered in the US)

Chamfering Machine for Both Handheld and Stationary Use United States Patent

Silicon Steel Sheet For Motor Stator

UL Certificate

CM 10P CM 24P CE


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