Regardless of the industrial or commercial consumer sectors, we have developed numerous customized motors and machines utilizing our core motor technology. These include treadmill motors, range hood motors, high-pressure hydraulic machine.,etc. In the future, we aspire to secure OEM/ODM partnership orders for portable or desktop machines. 

Product Development

Motor Design

Integrity Design

Computer Simulation

Sample making

Verification & Testing

Mass Production

product portfolio

The page displays all the products that we have developed successfully by BLDC technology. The world trend is toward creating environment friendly and power-saving product and People is willing to purchase high efficient and intelligent products. Yenshen is full of experience in developing product by BLDC technology over the past ten years. The product we’ve developed including kitchen range hood, treadmill, Air filtration, handheld machines, High pressure sprayer, mixer, band saw, drill machine and industrial fan. All the products are co-development with world leading brands.