BLDC Motor

  • We have invented the first BLDC motor in the world with built-in driver that has a built-in cooling fan and a heat sink for heat reduction. The design breaks with traditional patterns, incorporating a simple design and providing more efficiency power.
  • The IEC series offers high interchangeability, and the PCB junction box can be attached on the outside for even more flexibility and customization options.
  • During operation, Yen Power BLDC motors allow for quick adjustment to always maintain the optimal processing speed according to the loading. This feature makes our products suitable for a wide range of customers including small volume processing and mass production orders.
  • Technology
    We have developed a new multi-functional driver that offers a wide range of functionalities as well as flexible settings. Besides, we also offer a wide range of optional accessories for our customers.
  • Applications
    We have developed a number of competitive products based on our excellent motor technology. Those products include servo chamfering machines, servo drilling and tapping machines, and DC inverter fans. We hope that in the future we can extend our activities as an OEM and ODM supplier for small-sized portable and desktop machines.
  • Yen Power designs every component with care and continues to make adjustments based on its profound experiences in the industry. All these efforts stem from Yen power's unshakeable perseverance since 1976.


Wiring Box

BLDC Moter

Horizontal (B3)

Vertical (B5)

Single-Phase / Three-Phase Power Input

Single-Phase / Three-Phase Power Input

Speed Setting Connector

Speed Adjustement(VR), Start Signal Output

Power Light Output + Fault Analysis Lights

CW/CCW Signal Output

Fault Signal Output

Speed Signal Output



  • A BLDC motor the same size as a conventional IEC motor. However, the driver is already built into the motor frame, saving you space on the outside.
  • Breaking with traditional patterns, the design is simple, yet beautiful, providing a built-in 'endless source' of servo motor power.
  • The intuitive controls make it easy for operators to put all of the motor's great features to use: low RPM, high torque, low heat generation and energy consumption, high efficiency, a space-saving design, easy assembly, and high flexibility.
  • Die-casting technology is used to manufacture the aluminum outer frame while the front and back are made via aluminum extrusion.
  • Our energy-efficient motors meet the most rigid standards and have received several certifications, such as CE, UL, CCC, and RoHS.
  • PCB Junction Box for external devices: Speed Control Output, Rotation Direction Output, Malfunction Indicator Lamp, Power Input Signal, RPM Signal, RPM Settings.


Horizontal (B3)

Vertical (B5)

IEC Motor Specifications

PDF Download
Frame Size 63M 71M 80M 90M
Output 1/4HP 1/2HP 1HP 2HP 3HP
Efficiency >77% >81% >85% >90% >91%
Rated Speed 3600rpm 3600rpm 3600rpm 3600rpm
Assembly Dimensions A 100 112 125 140
B 80 90 100 125
V 40 45 50 56
H 63 71 80 90
K 7 7 9 10
BA 126 130 155 171
Shaft/Axis Dimensions D 11 14 19 24
E 23 30 40 50
B5 Assembly Dimensions XX 122 122 156 158
M 130 130 165 165
N 110 110 130 130
P 160 160 200 200
S 10 10 12 12
T 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5
B14 Assembly Dimensions M 75 85 100 115
N 60 70 80 95
P 90 105 120 140
S M5 M6 M6 M8
T 2.5 2.5 3 3
General Dimensions L 229 234 270 350
AD 102 103 125 135
HA 165 174 205 225


High efficiency, low temperature rise, high torque under low speed, light weight, high reliability. Application scope broadly.

  • In place of induction motor and inverter.
  • Can be customized for any type of built-in driver motor.

Kitchen Hoods

Food Mixers


Chamfering Machines


Band Saws

Drilling and Tapping Machines

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